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Thames River Finn Championship- October 8, 2022

The Thames River Finn Championship was held at the Thames River Yacht Club (TYC) in New London, Connecticut on Saturday, October 8, 2022.  While the weather was a little cool in the 50s the water was still a balmy 63 degrees.

We had four Finn sailors who brought their boats from as far away as Pennsylvania and two TYC Force 5 sailors who sailed my two classic Finns. Four of the Finns were more than fifty years old and two were more modern boats.  I served on the Race Committee with three TYC colleagues. We had six races in winds that ranged from light to a fresh breeze of 20 mph. The overall winner of the regatta was a TYC member who has been a national champion in the Force 5 class. He sailed Cazzy, the 1960s Newport Finn from Cazenovia Lake to victory. Here is a picture of him sailing Cazzy.


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